Okay, we have found our new home!

Whats next?
1. LEASE SIGNING:  Make sure the home/apartment is still available.  Schedule time with your Leasing Agent, Site Manager for Lease Signing.  You will be required to pay your deposits and 1st month’s rent.
2. MOVE-IN INSPECTION:  Schedule time with Leasing Agent/Site Manager for move-in inspection.  This is an important step to document the condition of your new home/apartment at the beginning of your lease.  Following your move-in inspection you will be given keys to your new home!
3. UTILITIES:  You will be required to set up new utility accounts for your new home.  Usually the Leasing Agent/Site Manager will ask that you call to have these items set up at the time of your lease signing.
4. MOVING DAY:  Schedule your moving day.  There may be restrictions regarding the time of day and hours of day when you can move your things into your new home.  Check with your Leasing Agent/Site Manager to coordinate your moving time.