Rental Property Maintenance Services

One of the many benefits of using Landmark Management Services as your property management company is our approach to maintaining the condition of your rental property.  Landmark Maintenance Services provides services ranging from day-to-day maintenance, to turnovers, as well as rehabbing and large-scale projects.  Landmark Maintenance Services is the expert when it comes to rental property maintenance and project management!

Managing day-to-day maintenance of your rental property requires more than a handy man.  It requires in depth knowledge of the many aspects of rental repairs and the resources that only come through years of partnership and experience.

Because we care about our investors, we treat your property as we would our own  AND we also look at property condition from a renter’s point-of-view.  Preserving and maintaining the condition of your rental property is a critical piece of managing positive cash-flow on your investment.

Many of our clients look to us when it’s time to rehab an existing rental property or a new investment property they have just acquired.  Allowing Landmark Maintenance Services to manage this important step helps ensure that the money you spend will add value to your rental property and maximize your return on investment.